Our Courses

  • Thai Massage Course Is the treatment and   Thai traditional medicine. It will focus on pressing, twisting, squeezing, bending, drawing and baking, etc.

  • Thai massage is divided into two lines, the royal line and the unregistered line. Royal Court Massage The massage is polite. Neat and lightweight Suitable for muscle relaxation. Unregistered Massage   Massage for people with difficulty walking. You will be bending stretch.

  • Foot Reflexology Course  foot reflexology. To stimulate the organs. Within the body to work normally.

  • Aromatherapy Course is the aromatherapy treatment. For good holistic health.

  • Herbal Compress is a herbal massage that uses herbs for healing.

  • Body  Scrub Course  Spa is a water therapy mixed with products used in skin care. To brighten skin.

  • Facials spa course is to learn techniques to stimulate facial or facial tissues to work better, which will benefit the castle system. Muscular system, blood circulation system, lymphatic system on the face of the lymph nodes. Helps tighten the skin firm.

  • Swedish massage course is the principle of massage by the application of extra oil. Or therapeutic massage The massage is a heavy and fast alternating massage. By using the technique of chopping, pounding, slapping, rolling along the muscles and tendons of the body. To relieve tension and pain in that area.

  • The sport massage course  is a muscular massage for the athlete. Sports massage is a three-way massage. The first is to help relieve inflammation or muscle injury. Because it will massage the muscles of the spot with emphasis on broad weight. Not to crush the muscles down. Second is the maintenance of muscle strength. And the third is to maximize muscle flexibility and strength.

  • Anti - Cellulite massage course is a massage that focuses on the excess fat in the waist, upper arms, thighs, chin, abdomen, etc. to make the shape fit better.

  • Hot stone massage course is the heat and energy that comes out of the stone, creating a relaxing and restorative balance for the body. In addition, heat plus massage will relieve tension and reduce muscle tension.

  • Bamboo Massage Course is 'Bamboo Massage' is the science of using nature. It is suitable for people who have muscle aches from daily activities such as the back, because of the seat is not changed. Sprain on the neck and shoulder because of lying wrong. Put high heels until knee and ankle. Or headache because of stress from work Because it relieves pain. Blood flow to the circulation.

What We Offer

  • Learning and earning. Students will be earning some income from doing  the real work experience during the course.

  • The payment is flexible. Students can pay some amount when the course started. But the rest have to be paid before the end of the course.

  • Students can choose the learning time that suitable for themselves. Study timetable: 7 days a week. 09.00 AM – 4.00 PM or 09.00 AM – 08.00 PM National holiday included.   

  • Unlimited time of learning. We will make sure of our students are confident before they leave the course.

  • Retraining is always available for our students.

  • Friendly atmosphere, no stress in learning environment.

  • The advantage for our students: We communicate in both languages Thai & English. Therefore, our students will have knowledge/language to communicate to customers in their work place.

  • Certificates will be in both languages Thai & English.  The certificates is guarantee by The Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society Our students will become the member of The Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society Our students will receive the member card.

  • Consultation will be given to our students who are interested to work aboard.